Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Friday, March 18, 2011

We talked to Mike...Stay tuned

   As you all can imagine, there is nothing quite like receiving a call at 1:27am in the morning! Except, if it is from your missionary son who has been through a lot of choas over the last week.  He sounded 100% better than our first chat, and, he's very tired. 
   Many of the missionaries in the most affected towns, and cities around Fukushima, Iwaki, and Kariyama appear to have been all together in a zone conference, thus any of those stationed around the costal areas were protected; while many others were far enough away to escape injury and damage.  Some appear to have been protected from the mountain chain running up through the island, while others received promptings.  It appears Mike and the sisters and elders in the Sendai Zone, and the Mayagi area, underwent a different experience, and while we really were worried sick particularly when we found that some missionaries were still missing, including our son, we put ourtrust in the Lord that he would protect our son.
   We are so grateful that all the missionaries are safe, accounted for, and have been moved out of harm's way.  We continue to be concerned however,for the remaining members, and all the japanese people who have undergone so much, and continue to suffer all manner of privation.
   We hope that everyone prayes and contributes in some way to helping these suffering souls, and we can only hope that things get better-as things can only go up from here.  Mike has told us the following day they were to baptise an investigator from China, who went home, shortly after the earthquake.  Hopefully, he'll get the opportunity to get baptised in whatever area he is in.
   We also, want to thank our family, our friends, and all others who have been so kind in their concern, their words of comfort, and their offers of help.  It has been a very humbling experience knowing that the safety, and life in the Lord's hands, and we could do nothing for him.  We have been comforted by his Spirit, and those around us, and yes, by the words of our son, when we were finally able to communicate and talk to him.
Stay tuned.  I believe many wonderful things will come our of this experience. I only hope those who have lost loved ones, those who have had to depart their mission's early, and those who have been affected will be blessed and comforted, and receive the help they need.

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