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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mike is in the groove...thanks to the Spirit...

Michael's latest e-mail to us.  Once again we were able to be online at the same time as mike.
 Hey, yeah, today has been crazy! I`m loving it here with my comp haha, I wish I could tell you everything that happened this week but to say it short saikou Top class. We got a call three days ago from an investigator and the craziest thing happened.
   She`s like, I have a friend here who wants to hear your lessons. So we went to her house immediately and In the middle of the lesson, After asking her about some things, I said `THAT feeling is called the Spirit` and she believed us and said `Yes, that feels right, maybe it was God trying to tell me something` and I said `That was definitely what happened, do you think we met by chance?` `No, we didnt` I and she said at the same time.
   In the middle of the lesson she turns to our previous investigator and says these exact words, but in japanese `This is what I wanted, I wanted people to come talk to me about this and to tell me what I need to do and for me to be able to ask questions like we are now!` and I was like, `WHAT?!" and I just couldn't believe it. I was like `Kamisama wa anato wo daiji ni shite imasu yo` and she started to cry, sorry, (in japanese).. `You are really important to God and he loves you.` and I started to link that feeling to the Spirit and she was agreeing. And at that moment. I was like `Will you pray to God and thank him for sending us to you?` and she said `Yes` and she did it! Yesterday she came to church after I invited her the previous day!!
 After church we went to eat lunch at the investigator's house with the golden investigator and I commited her to baptism. I hope I`m not transferred!!!!! Tomorrow is transfer day and I have no idea what`s going to happen!
   Yeah, yesterday it was kind of weird because she was a tiny bit different, but I know that she felt the Spirit and she does too, so it will only go up from there. the weather has been so weird here.. it was snowing this morning.
 (A recent talk was given by Mike, recorded, and transcribed and found it's way onto the Sendai Alumni Mission Site)
   Interesting, they took one of my talks and wrote it down haha. I`m almost done with the letter about my experience of the earthquake to you guys. I have it all almost written down. Its like 13 pages long. The letter stayed with me the whole time during the quake. By the way, I got moms letter. it came a few days ago.
   Well. we`re going to go now. Love you guys. I wish we could go do something together haha, after will be fine. Right now I`m loving life here in this mission. Can`t wait until I can talk to you guys. but I am getting VERY good at housing lately. I`ve developed a pretty good balance between being bold and stuff. Its been great. ...
 (I wrote to Mike that he had to own his experiences, and use them to help others)
You just gotta OWN it! Haha, my friend and I say that.... by the way it took like 3 weeks for moms letter to get to me here! haha, I`m going to send my letter tomorrow. The handwritten one, wait paitiently for that. Till NEXT WEEK!
Love, Mike

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  1. It is so neat that get to actually chat on line with him.He sounds like he is really loving Japan. Bless you all and keep him safe