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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A "spirited" conversation. WOW!!!

Recently Elder Ellsworth wrote to us about a very unusual experience he and his young companion,  Elder Bigger had while knocking on doors...I felt chills going up my arm! 

     (When) we entered into the apartment(building) I had no idea what to expect.  My companion and I had seen it from a distance, looked at each other and said  "Lets go". We walked up to the very top floor, I knocked on the very last door at the very top, hit the doorbell and composed myself. An woman in her late sixties came to the door. 
   "Have you every been to america?" I asked enthusiastically, right after asking if she`d ever met us before. "No, and I don`t really care too."   `"that's really sad", I told her as I pointed to something in her house and said. "Where in the world did you get that?!" She told me what it was and,  I said:  "I`m not even sure that I like it but it`s cool", Then she said:  "You`re fun to talk to, come in".  So we came in and I looked around her house at her family pictures.  "My dad is dead: she said, in a kind of odd tone of voice. That was the first of about eight random times she would bring up her dead father. "Do you have a family?" I asked, showing interest in things about her. Her attitude was almost completely indifferent. "Where is you`re daughter?" "I don`t really care to talk to her anymore", she said stoically. "Why are you here in Japan?"  She said, as she started to pull a small book out. "To share our message, I said, carefully making sure... that she was showing interest before giving her everything;  building up a kind of response potential. 
  She`d pulled out some kind of budhist book. she started reading a page from it, words that aren't used anymore filled the air, words and forms of the language that aren't even used in normal conversation. She said that she based her life off of that book, turned it to me and passed it over. "You can't understand anything, can you?" She said slightly (re) pugnant. `Ehh.." I said, and I started reading from the pages with almost a complete comprehension. "Compared to the bible this is ridicoulous, I said to myself." Then thinking "Watch your pride boy..."  She turned the pages, to a page of straight kanji characters, and said `
"You can't understand this can you?"   ... I put my finger down on each of the characters and defined their meaning, sound, and Chinese reading. "Budhism is kind of interesting." I said, "I know nothing about it."
   We talked for a few minutes and I noticed something a little weird, with the atmosphere of he room. My companion did too. "Why are you here"?  Are you teaching about something? Propaganda? " "We`re teaching about the most famous person in the world and his teachings," I said, "Do you know who it is?  It`s not Michael Jackson.." She said  "Who?"  Then I pointed down at my name badge and said `イエスキリスト"Jesus Christ".   "We don`t talk about Jesus Christ here" She said, immediately without hesitation,  her facial expression darkening, and her eyes widening in kind of a furious bitter hatred filled expression.
    My companion had no idea what was going on, language wise, but knew exactly what happened then.  She`d completely changed.   I started to think about how she'd said she doesn't talk about Jesus. "WE don't talk about Jesus here."  There was nobody else living with her.  "Why?" I asked, realizing the craziness of the situation.
    It was then that she started talking about really evil things, things that my companion couldn't understand, I`m not going to type them out... Things that didn't make sense,  or have any link other than a pure hatred for what I`d said.  In the midst of the fear, I felt in that situation,  my curiosity was at a huge peak. "Do you think that Jesus was here on the earth." She proceeded to tell me about how whether or not He was here on the earth didn't matter,  and, that it was stupid to think that he has any link to God. And then in THAT moment,  I knew that the situation was bad. She never denied Jesus, it was almost if she had a perfect knowledge that He`d existed, but she hated it, even despised the idea that there was any link to God. I felt this was our cue to leave,  but for some reason I reached into my pocket, pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, then wrote the word 信仰 shinkou "Faith" and, as I set it down in front of her, she pointed at the kanjii, and did something I`ve never seen before. She described every line in the kanji and how the meaning created the individual kanji, she did this with miraculous speed,  and I was slightly astonished. "The first Kanji 信 means belief, the second Kanji 仰means to look up at the sky." Looking up at the sky is an action.  "Half of faith is action." ...
   She told me "I have faith",   "No you don`t", I said:  "Will you let us tell you our message". 
 "NO" she said, so I said : "Thanks for giving us this candy it tasted good."  I  got up and we left.  We should have left earlier than that. I just kind of knew it was going to make a really good story if I`d stayed a bit longer, haha! 
   That was the first possessed person I`ve ever talked to on my mission. (she)Never denied Jesus, but, denied anything Godly about him, (and) hated my mention of His name. (she)Started saying really evil things about Him and us. Really interesting experience, pretty scary, but for some reason, I really wanted to mess with her...
     It won't happen again...   Anyway. The last week here has been waaaaay crazy fun, I`m loving the mission.  Sometimes, I just get really tired of following up on people all the time, haha.  Anyway, love you guys. The reason I couldn't email yesterday is because we had a training in a city... 6 hours away so we were there yesterday,  and today, became P-day... I miss you guys, have a good week.

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