Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Ellsworth speaks.

When asked how he successfully communicates with the Japanese people, Mike says:

 ... I`m just way random when I talk to people, for some reason, I get really bored fast when talking to people, so I just point out things and talk about them, then fit that into the restoration in some way. Or when they try to give excuses I automatically come back with a hilarious reason as to why what they said is true in an Ironic way
.     Like a ton of people here are like `I`m Bhuddist!!` And I`m like `Yeah, thats exactly what we thought which is why we came, if we were from the same church we would be meaningless right?!` and we start laughing.
 With my last companion I would see something in their house that would show me that they were bhuddist and say, `We`re looking for people who are Bhuddist and who have no interest in Jesus Christ to teach today, have you ever heard of him before?` People would just get so confused that they would listen, its hilarious, I love it.

We asked him about the members in the branch, and how it is to translate for those who don't speak the language, Mike said:

...Lately its been kind of hard (keeping his weigh down) because one of the members loves us to come over and feeds us all the time. That oatmeal would really be a lifesaver, just get some water. I can eat plain oatmeal and be fine. so if I had that I could cut down a lot more (He wants his Oatmeal!)
   When I translated for a kid last week it was pretty good, for some of the sentences he said it took about half a second of thinking because there were like 3 sentences needed to be translated..., but, other than that it was pretty much instant, without hesitation. Kind of like when Rasmussen sister (Mission Presidents's wife) came and talked. 
   Its also kind of weird, because there are like A TON of different ways you could say things in Japanese because when you get up to speak in front of people you have to use more polite Japanese so it changes a lot, it was cool.
We were just informed last week that Elder Ellsworth will be returning home to Las Vegas on December 220th, 2011.  Let's home he can get those last two baptisms.  We'll keep everyone posted. 

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