Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Michael's 2nd e-mail

   YO YO Yeah it was pretty wild. Yesterday I was out on the bikes with one of the other missionaries, and it was total chaos, sirens going off, people running, man Its like I{m right in the middle of a movie! Freaken insane. When the earthquake hit my comp that I were on the split with were like "Okay... This is cool.." Then it got a little bigger and I"m like "This is going to be a fun one!" Then I look over and the pictures and bulletin board on the wall start shaking a little and I{m like "Ohh shiz.." then the room starts moving horiziontally and mty comp and I run under the table, then the room started shaking VeRtICaLlY and then my companion was like freaking out and hes like "INORI INORI!!" "PRAY PRAY!!" So I started praying and then AS I was praying as if Jesus was saying "Peace, be still" the earthquake subsided... Well... not exactly... It kept going for like 20 minutes... (Though that would have been a good new era story) Once the earthquake subsided for like five minutes. I look around the room. EVERYTHING is destroyed NOTHING remains The sink is broken of the wall, every drawer and desk is completely positioned in this awkward way. All seventy of my precious eggs are strewn across the kitchen floor creating a nasty warm pile of see through eggwhite and pee yellow yolk. The room to my left is demolished. Book of mormon and bibles are strewn across the floor, Pamphlets of The new Japanese edition of the law of chastity are mocking my existence. I turn to my comp and say "We{re getting out of here, we walk outside to the sight of the stairs of our 2 floor apartment cracked in half. I dash down the stairs, dodging the 2 completely broken stairs, to see the startling sight of a large granite statue completely fallen over in ruins. Everybodys faces are completely white, and I"M like "Can you believe this just happened?!" |||On a side note my comp just came into the room saying that he just got off the phone with the mission president saying that Boyd K packed talked to him telling us to write down our spiritual stories||| We look down and see a fissure spreading thirty feet into front of us, and I start regretting the decision I made to leave my jacket in the apartment as it STARTS SNOWING. My companion and I run around seeing if we could help anybody, witnessing the destruction of the earthquake, broken down apartments, people crying, grandmothers sitting on the curb, power lines handing down from the lines. My companion and I are at a loss for words just looking at each other like "What... what..." as if on the verge of crying but being too shocked to give my concious mind time to feel emotion. We run to the church in hope that we can find the sister missionaries. We find them, and my companion and I try to go see what we can too. As this is going on aftershocks intermittently keep haunting us. My comp and I are like "when is this going to end?!" We then for the next day and a half ride around the city seeing what we could do, Nobody is accepting our help and around the convenience stores are hundreds of lined around waiting to buy some food... This is all I can write for now, I{m going to run back to my apartment and see if I can salvage some stuff for my  and get my bike then return back here. Dang this is insane, Tell everybody I"m fine, I suppose theres going to be one more earthquake that has a 70 percent chance of happening again so pray for that. Dont worry about me living though. I"m not going to die, I"ve yet to see the latest harry potter. Take it easy, I"ll write when I get back here in like 30 minutes, love ya, say hey to the fam for me.CRAZY!! We could really use jews horsepower right now.

Mike's first e-mail

Woah man, yeah dad, this was craZy! I`m perfectly fine. My apartment is completely destroyed! We were in the apartment as it went off! HAha, it was insane, I was on a split. We`re perfectly fine. Supposedly theres supposed, wow, I used that word twice.. To be more Coming? but they could never have been as large as the one that we experienced a few days ago.. That was scary as heck, My companion and I would have probably been crazy hurt if there was no desk. My stuff is all fine, and I didnt get hurt. there was also like a 10 meter Tsunami, tidal wave. But we`re all fine. Dont worry, I`ll call you if I can, I`m just afraid that I`ll get hugely punished if I call you, I wouldnt be surprised.. Man, It`s like a real life resident evil man!! Holy cow, chaos! I cant even describe what it was like. I`Pll talk to you in a bit maybe, I think I`m perfectly fine from now on, dont worry, electricitty and water are back I think its over.