Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Monday, March 28, 2011

How's it going...?

We were able to be on the computer the same time that Mike was emailing us, and here is some of the exchange.  Mike is doing well and progressing in his new area.
-Yeah. its really interesting being here. It's definitely a really interesting experience, A ton like my first area.(Miyako) We`re actually going to do some fun things today, so Im excited for that. Anymore questions?
---... I`m just feeling kind of odd because my good eating habits got thrown off for a few weeks. They`re getting back on track. I ate an apple and 19 eggs today, Im feeling really good.
-Haha, Im not leaving just yet. I really wish we could talk right now, I`d tell you exactly what happened right after the earthquake. I talked to nathan for a little bit, did you hear from him? Well when the earthquake happened I was like `GET OUT of HERE` to my comp in japanese and I grabbed my backpack that had my wallet in it and dashed out of the apartment. then after that there were like 8 people in the street 6 of which were construction workers working on a nearby building. I walk about 20 feet and see this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge granite statue that had just towered over and broken in the street, these large unmovable pieces just spread throughout the street.
---My companion and I look at each other like, `Can you believe this just happened man?!` and we keep walking down the street. There is broken glass all over the street from windows and stuff. and as we walk down this alleyway, I see this cat that is freaking out, just like completely spooked. I saw a few animals like, this, I`d never seen an animal act that way before. We keep walking down the next street and too my left there is an apartment with a crack completely running down the middle of it. Doors broken of hinges, and as I walk a little bit farther, I notice this grandmother crying on the side of the road sitting on the curb and we go to help her but she`s completely hysterical, nothing we could do could help her. Kids are running through the street and powerlines are hanging down all over the place.
---Yeah, we were on the way to the church, and as I saw that grandmother and all of our attempts to help her were ignored, it started snowing.. Just randomly started snowing hard... We get to the church, hoping the sister missionaries think of going there as well and we met up with them,and we did.
---Here`s my address, Ill talk to you , next week. I`ll try and send a letter today.

Hokkaido sapporo shi
chuo ku kitani jo nishi 24 cho me 1-25
Japan sapporo mission