Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elder Ellsworth is getting his groove back!!!

Once again we were able to be online the same time Michael was on the computer.  A bit. frustrating with the lag time, but, faster than letters.

I got suuuupet sick last saturday haha, it sucked. I threw up like 14 times haha, yesterday we stayed in the apartment all day and I slept for like 12 hours haha. The fever is gone and I`m almost all better now. Yeah Im on here so you can ask anything you want and I can answer specifically.
I`m great! Moms letter.. Hmm, not gotten it yet, but I`m pretty sure all of the things being sent to sendai are getting forwarded here, So I think it might get here. I LOVE this new mission man! Its SOOOO much different than my first one, and all of the differences are pretty wonderful! I couldnt really be in much of a better state haha.
Haha, yeah I did eat like 70 eggs that week haha, yeah, that sickness hasnt quelled my desire to eat eggs at all, but by the way I lost like 7 pounds!!!!!!! Freggin great, its visibly noticeable too haha, I`m getting pretty ripped haha, I`m going to have it all lost by the time I return home. The temperature here is pretty freezing, last night it snowed all night haha, but now it haretteru meaning like sunny outside. No I couldnt write a letter last week, but I definitely will this week. Im continuing the letter I had with me during the earthquake, it came with me the whole way, it looks pretty beat up, We`re actually going bowling right after we`re done here with email and stuff. Yeah, the chapel here is pretty nice here in abashiri.
We`re still 3 missionaries here in Abashiri the oldest on is elder takashima, tall island, yes it was my apartment that he was referring too (Mike's apartment was destroyed in the quake), it was the only one that can`t be lived in anymore. I feel I have everything I need.

Yeah, at christmas time they usually get to see a movie, but other than that I have no idea, anyway we`re getting a new mission president in two months so I`ll have to yet again get used to a new one in a little bit, so I cant get too confortable or used to this one. I do love this guy though, his wife is also suuuuper nice too, I`m super excited for the future, I`m super optimistic about this place.
Hmm.. We`ve straight housed (tracting) here.. Theres really nothing else we can do here. Kinda boring sometimes, but I make it really interesting because I`m like the middle man between my two comps, one got here like 4 weeks ago, (Elder Bigger) and the other is an older japanese companion, so Its pretty cool being in the middle, and the japanese comp wants to take all of the responsibility it seems so I`m perfectly fine with that, haha.

  Ahh, yesterday I got my other baggage in the mail, My other suitcase came. It had the rest of my stuff in it. Other than a lot of my language learning stuff, and suits and stuff, which got left at my apartment. Anyway, Unfortunately, I can sense my companions want to go now. Wish I could talk to you guys more, but I will in a week, dont worry about me, I`m really good right now. there`s nothing really huge that I need right now, thanks so much for all that you guys do! I really love you, mom and dad. Cant wait until we can talk again so I can tell you everything that happened to me, It`ll be a good story, tell everyone I`ve been through hell and back, and that through the grace of God, somehow I`m fine, and happy. Say hey to the family for me, I miss them.