Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Life goes on for all of us.  Last week Mike's sister Emily and her husband Merlin  had an 11 lb. baby boy named Henry Ivan Wollenzien.  It took forever, and finally they has to take the baby via a c-section, Henry was just too big.  We're having the family over for Teriyaki chicken and Beni Hanna fried rice, and we've enjoyed all the kids and the rain, thunder, and lightning.  
   Michael has had a hard time finding an internet connection, and so it's been pretty quiet, however we got a wonderful letter from him this week.  They are transitioning mission presidents this week, and he is very excited about his new mission president, President Rassmussen.  His new area is proving fertile, and if it hasn't already happened, they should have a baptism shortly.
   Michael is now  in the last six months of his mission, and we look forward to him having more success bring more Japanese people to the gospel.  We recently saw pictures posted on line at LDS Church news.com of the "Helping Hands" activities, and Mike is in one of the pictures wearing a dust mask.  We know they need a lot of help in the Sendai area, so we think periodically, the missionaries will go in and try to make a difference in the community.
   Tomorrow as a family, we are all going out to the Paiute Indian Reservation and set off our fireworks (got a bunch of stuff up in Pershing County in Central Nevada) and so to to Res we go, and it should be very fun.  We got a few rockets that will go up 300', some mortars, etc. We all should feel very fortunate to be citizens of the greatest country in the world.  We pray that our country can survive the economic downturn, and we can all see better days. We celebrate the Fourth of July, with a prayer in our heart that our great country will continue to be great.