Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 more months to go-and still working hard!

Okay, I may have pushed it a little too far this week...

The special zone conference was extremely fun...
   Last week, I sat reading the 9th chapter of Corinthians in Japanese (I have a goal to finish the writings of Paul in Japanese by the end of my mission) and was completely and totally hit with an exploding flash of insight. In Japanese the verse reads , by now its memorized. ``すなわち、自分の身体を打ちたたいてふく順させているのだ。 Not sure what it says in English, but in Japanese it means to hit your body and submit it, so that while you speak the gospel you dont get disqualified. right then. [So] I grabbed  my Kanji pen, wrote it on a piece of paper. Told my companion we`re going finding right now, got up, grabbed a Book of Mormon, put a pamphlet inside, we said a prayer, got out of the doors and started walking. `Where are you going?` my companion said. I was walking the opposite way of where the bikes were. `Finding`. He went and grabbed his bike. And I started sprinting down the road. Talking to everyone. I stopped using my bike. Now I sprint everywhere. One small word of advice, Never fast for more than 3 days... especially if you sprint everywhere.
I really realized what `keeping your eye single to the Glory of God` meant this last week, sprinting throughout the streets of Furukawa talking to every single person. Some of the members think I`m crazy, haha. Some hilarious things happened this week.
-Well last week, I started running everywhere, I lost 4 pounds haha. The members were noticeably saying that I looked thinner haha. I started a fast and it went 4 days, then as we were reading the white handbook, I realized it said you shouldn't fast for more than a day, so I stopped it.
 Lets just say yesterday I was unbelievably exhausted and sore, a week of sprinting and fasting really took a toll on me. I have a strong desire to show a good example of `to the death prosthelyting` to my comp. I think he saw it. Its really weird what happens when you remove basic desires from your body and do the exact opposite, your mind becomes super clear. I never bore testimony and confounded... more strongly more in my entire life, I wish I could tell you some of the things that happened in contacts, you`d be rolling.
-  I`ve been eating oatmeal and fruits and natural things only, just hook it up with the beef jerky.. they pretty much have Any american food I`d ever need here besides beef jerky..., and cheese, for some stupid reason they dont eat cheese here very much, haha;  but dont send cheese haha. I`ll think a little bit more. ohh by the way, I saw some combos the other day and started laughing, something like jalapeno flavored, I remembered how much you love those. (Dad)
-I`ve tried a ton of ways to lose fat on the mission. One constant. Eggs. No yolk.. If you hook it up with some candy, `ll have a piece and hook my companion up with some. I still need to lose more weight, I can see a small outline of a six pack, but I`m not even close yet, Remember Fiji water? (They have loads of Fiji water left over from the Quake, so Mike was given some.)
-I can`t believe Jaxboy (Travis Jacks)  is engaged! Holy crap! I`m just shocked at some of the things that happened. The very first time I realized Clayton (Stewart) got married is when I saw of picture of him and someone outside of the temple, flipping the picture and seeing `Clayton and his wife` I was like What the heck?! 
-Mo ii wa... Haha, yeah, Gonna be a lot different when I get back.. I`ve made a ton of friends on the mission as well, one really good friend who lives in Colorado springs.
-Can`t wait until we can go bowling, and watch some Masterpiece Theatre.
-(Swan's General Conference picture)
Yeah, I was way surprised. I was like. Hey! That was my young mens leader! Pretty funny. I was super exhausted though from running all week, I was really useless yesterday.(Conference Sunday in Japan)
-Yeah, it was pretty good. I was laughing way hard with  (Elder)Hollands talk, holy cow, that brother was way strong! I kind of had to pick my companion up after that talk haha
-Okay, I think I`m going to go now, As for stuff for the haloween package...I`m sure you know what kind of things I like. the Oatmeal really has helped a ton, thank you so much, Really saved me. I`m gonna do my best to finish my race here on the mission with flying colors. Just imagine me sprinting through the streets of Furukawa talking to everyone, that`s what I`ll be doing.  Yeah, (Elder Yamashita's) his was a good talk. I didn`t even realize, but I watched the whole thing in Japanese..... that was a first, usually people watch it in English. 
Love you all,