Elder Michael Ellsworth Arrives home on: December 20th, @ 3:17pm

Monday, March 12, 2012

He's home and fitting in!

Dear Friends and Family,
   Of course all of you now know Mike has been home for nearly four months, he has adjusted well to living in the world at large.  We want to express all our love for the concern that our family and friends have shown us, and Mike during the time he spent on his mission in Japan, and directly following the Tohunko Eathquake and Tsunami. We appreciate all of your concern and prayers.  Within the next few days we will discontinue this blog dedicated to Michael's mission, and close this chapter in his life, at the start of a new one.
   Many folks along with us, have been suprised with the depth of knowledge, and proficiency Michael acquired in the japanese language, and it's written form, within, days of his return from Japan he had already been hired by a japanese tour company, Mountain West Travel, to act as a tour guide, and interpreter for Japanese tourist who come to Las Vegas on vacation.  In a short time he has traveled around to many interesting parts of the american southwest.  He also is attending school, and getting his prerequisites out of the way. 
   Overall, his mission caused a great deal of change in his life, and we see the man who once was a boy. With that, we once again thank all our supporters, and want you to know we love all of you and are excited about the wonderful, continuing life of Michael in Las Vegas, and beyond.
All our love,
The Ellsworth family